Holiday Custody and Visitation Tips

  When you’re going through a divorce, the holidays can be a trigger for extreme anxiety. Even if you have a cooperative, generally friendly relationship with your ex, the holidays may bring conflict, so it is a good idea to be prepared with some tools and coping mechanisms, just in case. We are a family […]

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Teenager?

If you’ve gotten the call that all parents fear, you are not alone. Getting the call that says your child has been arrested or has been issued a ticket means that you will soon enter the world of the North Carolina’s judicial system. Your child’s criminal record and their future is at stake, and this […]

“Waiver of Estate” provision in Separation Agreements

So you have decided to resolve your marital issues in a Separation Agreement. Separation Agreements are contracts, contracts contain clauses and the clauses are negotiable and important. You should definitely be heavily involved with the attorney drafting your Agreement, and you should ask questions until you understand the legal effect of every single clause in […]

Asking The Right Questions

If you’ve been charged with a DWI in North Carolina, you will need to mount a powerful and skilled defense to make sure your rights and liberty are protected, while also taking responsibility for your actions. McGuire Law Firm takes cases in the Rockingham area, as well as cases from Charlotte and even Raleigh / […]

Traffic Court Defense Lawyer

McGuire Law Firm can defend you in court for traffic violations as well as DUI’s. If you’ve just received your first traffic ticket, and it’s a run-of-the-mill speeding or rolling stop ticket, you can either just pay it or go to court and explain that this was your first ticket and that you promise to pay […]

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Fight for your Liberty

If you are facing a felony charge in the state of North Carolina, you need a criminal defense lawyer by your side. Yes, you are guaranteed a public defender, but it is well known that public defenders, despite being well-meaning, are overwhelmed by their caseloads, and can’t always do the best job for their clients. […]

Help Your Case, Don’t Hurt It!

If you are pulled over and arrested for DWI there are some basic things that any criminal defense lawyer will tell you. We’ll go over a few of these basics in this week’s blog. Implied consent Under North Carolina law, driving a motor vehicle involved the implied consent to a breathalyzer test. If you are […]

Was Your Arrest Done Properly?

When you are facing a DWI charge in North Carolina, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law. You need someone trained to find the weak points in the prosecutor’s case against you. McGuire Law Firm can help you. Call today to engage the services of a […]

Was Your DWI Stop Legal?

If you’ve been charged with a DUI you need to be prepared for your day in court. If you play your cards right, and get an experienced DWI lawyer, you might be able to avoid a court date alltogether. A criminal defense lawyer can look through the details of your case and figure out where […]

Everyone Deserve a Good Defense

When you are facing a criminal charge in the state of North Carolina, you need to be prepared for your day in court, and the best way to be ready is by having a lawyer by your side. There is paperwork to be done, and courtroom personalities to cater to. You need help gathering evidence […]