Traffic Court Defense Lawyer

McGuire Law Firm can defend you in court for traffic violations as well as DUI’s.

If you’ve just received your first traffic ticket, and it’s a run-of-the-mill speeding or rolling stop ticket, you can either just pay it or go to court and explain that this was your first ticket and that you promise to pay closer attention. Explain to the judge that you are concerned with your driving record, as well as your insurance. The judge will likely knock the fine down some and limit the points on your record. Representing yourself like this is called Pro Se, and it is fine for basic traffic tickets. But when things get more complicated, it’s a good idea to call the McGuire Law Firm in Rockingham.

When Do You Need an Attorney for a Traffic Violation?

  1. You can’t be there. Time is money, and if you need to be somewhere else instead of in court on the appointed day, but you feel the citation was unfair, the violation is serious, or your driving record can’t bear it, call a lawyer who can go to court for you and try to minimize the damage.
  2. Your umpteenth ticket. When you’ve had multiple tickets for increasingly serious violations, you will want a lawyer to help come up with a solution to you losing your license. You may end up in traffic school or something similar.
  3. Serious violation. If you are cited for a serious traffic violation, such as a DUI or hit and run, it is imperative to take a highly trained and experienced attorney with you as defense counsel.

If you need a defense attorney with you in traffic court, call McGuire Law Firm.